"I Gommosi” is a family-run playground, located in the “Parco del Mare” area in Lignano Pineta.
It was inaugurated in 1999; in 2003 it was moved a few metres away and has been renovated constantly ever since.
The entry fee is €9.00 per child and includes access to all games for unlimited time.
Parents, accompanied by their children, can sit on the park benches; umbrellas offer shade and comfort.
In 2015, a bar was added to the park’s facilities, so parents can sip an aperitif in the shade while their children play. I Gommosi is also equipped to host children’s birthday parties.
The park is open from 15 May till 15 September.
Opening hours depend on whether or not the sun is out: in the first case the park opens at 17:00 h and closes at 23:30 h; alternatively, it opens at 10:00 h and closes at 13:00 h and reopens in the afternoon at 15:30 h and closes at 23:30 h.
I Gommosi is in Via Raggio delle Capelonghe, in Lignano Pineta.