For a new adrenaline-charged experience try KITESURFING!
This discipline, which originated in Hawaii in 1999 and is becoming increasingly more popular, consists in jumps and acrobatics in the water. Required equipment includes a board and a kite operated using a control bar.
Thanks to its growing popularity, now you can practice this speciality also on Lignano’s beaches. KITESURF schools offer courses for all ages.
The ideal location for the sport is Isola delle Conchiglie, just 5m from the Santa Monica pier. The island is a real paradise, with gold sand and shallow waters for most of the year and is not crowded with tourists.
Between April and October, strong winds make sure kiteboarders fly high and free. Qualified instructors will take you to the island on inflatable boats.
All you will have to do is concentrate on what you are doing and have fun!